We’ll breed your bugs so you dont have to!!

We recognize that breeding bugs at home isn’t what most people want to do for their lizard..
So, don't!... Have us do it for you. We host a ton of colonies here at Rango's Roaches.

Hi 👋,

I’m RANGO. The first ever Roach Ranching Bearded Dragon! I breed, board and raise the most delicious Dubia Roach Colonies for lizard lovers like you!

Lots of people ask us, "What’s a Roach Ranching Bearded Dragon?"…

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Join our Colony Keeper Program today.
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Never be without Dubia Roaches for your reptile again. 

Let us take the hassle out of feeding your home zoo.

we breed, you feed.

  • We handle: the colony space setup, regular care, dry-roach-chow and fresh-food prep, feedings, cleanings, maintence, storage, growout and harvesting of your Dubia Roach Breeding Colony. We ship you the bugs and...

  • All you do is feed them to your favorite reptiles the way you normally would!*

(We even include free roach chow in each delivery so you wont have to make it.)

*Healthy Gutloading and Dusting all feeder insects prior to feeding them off to your reptiles is always recommended.

  • Best Nutrition Available!

    When grown right, Dubia Roaches are like SUPERFOODS for Bearded Dragons, Skinks, Geckos and more...

    Raising roaches right means having the healthiest, most nutritious food available for your reptilian family member.

  • Watch The Hunt!

    Bug eating reptiles are natural hunters that LOVE eating fresh, live prey. Feed them some of our Live Dubia Roaches and watch them go nuts exploring their animalistic urges, hunting and eating their prey the way they would in the wild.

  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

    We only ship quality feeder insects we'd feed to Rango himself. With a lizard in charge of raising your roaches, you know you're always getting the best Dubia Roaches available anywhere.

We don't "sell roaches"🙄, we breed them for you...

We aren't like other feeder companies. We don't sell roaches by count, we're selling, the service of breeding them for you.

  • You can finally stop buying half dead feeders by count or weight.
  • Have "someone else" (us😉) house and raise your breeding colony.

Freshly harvested feeders just shipped to you regularly!

  • Signup as a breeding colony keeper member today!
  • Breeding is better then buying.
  • We all know you're only buying bugs becuase you dont want to be bothered breeding them,
  • have us handle it for you,

Your own personalized membership account, built to suit your personal home zoo needs!

"I want Rango to raise my roaches‼"

yes you do


Select the Colony Keeper Program that's perfect for you:

Why have Rango breed your roaches?

Just a few of the perks you will enjoy as our member:

  • more time to spend enjoying your lizard,
  • MUCH less time spent on taking care of bugs at home,
  • someone else breeding your bugs for you,
  • no more petstore visits for expensive / half-dead bugs.
  • no more paying "per insect" for "10% overcount" on your feeders.
  • your very own Hosted Breeding Colony, a sustainable source of feeder insects you don’t have to manage and care for,
  • peace of mind, knowing that your reptilian family members are well fed.

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